Komatsu's virtual event during MINExpo International® 2021: on-demand

Take a walk through our booth, view presentations from the show floor, and more.

We created this virtual platform to give you the opportunity to explore innovative new technologies and solutions from wherever you are, whenever.

Virtual event sessions overview and schedule


Mainstage presentation: Creating value together

Our feature mainstage presentation, in which the audience will see Komatsu’s vision for a clear path forward of scalable, sustainable solutions that prioritize safety and optimize mining operations at each level: tasks, processes and enterprise-wide.


Live demo: Remote operation and autonomous systems

Eliminating live work in dangerous sites is not just about hauling processes. Watch a live demonstration of the teleoperation of our PC7000-11 hydraulic excavator in Tucson, Arizona, being controlled from Las Vegas, Nevada.


Live Komatsu booth tour

Join us for a guided booth tour for an up-close view of our technology, scalable solutions and flexible support you need for the lifecycle of your equipment and mining operations.

Mainstage presentation: Creating value together: Special one-time presentation with Vale

Join us for this special extended presentation of our Creating Value Together mainstage show, at which Vale COO Dino Otranto will help publicly introduce Komatsu and Vale’s partnership for progress and innovation on advancing hard rock mining methods.

Sustainable loading

In your drive for a more sustainable, diesel-less operation, Komatsu is rapidly advancing powertrain technology in loaders, including SR Hybrid and KESS systems.

Presenter: Jesse Dubberly, Loader Product Director


The future of haulage: latest developments

The sustainable propulsion roadmap for haulage is getting clearer. Komatsu is developing a truck where the power source can be upgraded over the life of the chassis, helping you along your roadmap to a zero-emissions future.

Presenter: Dan Funcannon, VP Engineering and Development


Data and technology advancements across the value chain

Our experts will take you through actual case studies to show you how data and analytics are changing the ways we mine.

Presenter: Simon van Wegen, Director Mining Solutions


Hard rock drilling and bolting

The drilling and bolting process is one of mining’s biggest challenges. The new Komatsu ZB21 bolter has a lot of new innovations – including the ability to integrate the Jennmar J-LOK P pumpable resin injection system – to improve your operation.

Presenter: Renier Koekemoer, Senior Product Manager


Energy use and management: lithium-ion technology

Battery technology is advancing rapidly, and lithium-ion is ready to make significant improvements to your operation. Take a look to see the massive benefits of transitioning from lead-acid to a li-ion with battery haulers.

Presenter: Jim Haughey, Product Director – Room and Pillar


Soft rock advancements and automation

More technology, automation and innovation are coming to room and pillar and longwall mining to meet your increasing challenges.

Presenters: Nigel Goff, Global Manager – Longwall Projects and Sales
Jim Haughey, Product Director – Room and Pillar



Mechanical cutting in hard rock (MC51)

In partnership with Vale, we are collaborating to advance the future of underground hard rock excavation. By optimizing Komatsu’s innovative DynaCut mechanical cutting and continuous mining technology, deeper and harder-to-reach mineral deposits are more accessible in increasingly sustainable ways.

Presenter: Stephen Styles​, Product manager, hard rock mining


Komatsu 3D virtual booth experience

Immerse yourself in Komatsu's 3D virtual booth experience. Here you can explore the interactive map and fly through our virtual Komatsu booth to learn more about the products, technologies and solutions featured at MINExpo® 2021.

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